Tosu loses unsatisfied PK to J League

A defeat that leaves regret. Tosu lost the 0-0 loss time for a referee’s misjudgment? ≠ ナ PK and lost 0-1 to Kusatsu, the lowest position. The team and supporters were irritated by the fact that once every 29 minutes in the second half, the decision of Tosu was overturned was overturned. The team’s new record will not be updated without losing 8 games in a row that will change the 19-25th section of 2002 (3 wins, 4 divisions). After the match, Director Ikuo Matsumoto (63), who conducted VTR verification, revealed that he would file a lawsuit against the J-League.

Director Tosu Matsumoto who lost to Kusatsu was dissatisfied with the decision after the match and squeezed into the referee (Photo: Akio Fujio)

With the end of Yomoya, Tosu’s undefeated record-breaking was a dream. Second half lost time. Kusatsu MF Takasu falls in the penalty area while competing with the Tosu DF team. Referee Masaaki Iemoto (32), who participated in J for the first time this season, took the foul of Tosu DF Hatta who was far from the play position and declared an inexplicable PK to Kusatsu. Eventually, Kusatsu MF Yamaguchi decided a PK.

Kusatsu MF Takasu The legs are just tangled and not defeated. I didn’t know why everyone was happy (with PK).

Judgment that enemy players also raise their heads. After the match was unsatisfactory, Matsumoto verified the match VTR. He also challenged other than the PK in question.

Scene 1 In the second half 29 minutes, Tosu MF Takahashi, who broke through the right side, pulled the uniform and fell in the penalty area. Referee Ikemoto pointed to the penalty spot and declared PK, then consulted with the line keeper and canceled the PK. GK’s captain Schneider tried to rush to the referee, but yellow was issued about 10 meters before.

Scene 2 In the latter half 38 minutes, when Tosu FW Arai broke through the opponent’s back line, it was kicked by DF from behind and fell over and fell, but the judgment was no whistle.

Director Matsumoto Hatta was at the penalty spot, not where his opponent was playing. The covered PK is clearly in the penalty area (scene 1). If the play of the new house is not a foul, the new house should be simulated (scene 2). No one touches the last PK.

9404 supporters gathered at the stand to cheer on Tosu, who has not lost 7 games until the previous section. “One order also affects management. There was a mistake that could not make a decisive opportunity, but I was judged like this,” Matsumoto seems unconvinced. After the match, the video was verified by three people, Yukihiro Igawa, Director Matsumoto, and Makoto Kawamura. “We will file a complaint with the VTR and a written opinion in the J-League” (public relations). It became a game with a bad aftertaste. [Yoshiharu Murata]

Tosu GK Schneider I was told that “I don’t have to come over” even though I haven’t said anything. I might have been a kicker.

Tosu DF Hatta Yellow is me? It will not be. I haven’t touched it, why am I?