Hisayama, Fukuoka

Open-air bath is in the midst of fresh air forest and lake nature! “Lakeside Hotel Hisayama” (Kuyama-machi, Fukuoka) has such a romantic location.

The 24 baths of 13 types, including an open-air bath called “Yuno no Lake”, are synergistic with the “forest bathing effect” and are ideal healing spaces. At the lake, the ripples created by waterbirds reflect the glitter and the sun, and the green trees around the lake start to change color.

“This is the oke bath. This is the wine bath. And…”. While being guided by Lakeside Hisayama Planning and Public Relations Department Masako Fujiwara (25), I was impressed by the size and variety of outdoor bath spaces. “I want you to enjoy the hot springs with the image of taking a walk in the forest…” It is designed to take a bath while going around the path through the forest. Breathe in the fresh forest air and enjoy each bath while taking a break. Apparently, this seems to be the correct way to enjoy Yunoko.

There are also many unique baths. Above all, the “wine bath” dyed in red caught the eye. As you approach, the smell of wine scents from the steam. “Wine baths are only women’s baths, but they are very popular. The polyphenol effect prevents skin aging,” says Fujiwara. Not only the visual impact but also the effect is perfect.

There are also other rare baths such as “Pearl Bath” and “Ishizuchi Sauna”. In addition, natural ore with far-infrared effect is used on the walls of bathtubs and saunas to increase the effectiveness of hot springs. It is worth trying once.

Mr. Fujiwara continued further. “Everyone seems to enjoy the hot springs slowly. Many people take a bath, have a meal, or stay all day.” It is a nice service that you can take a bath anytime of the day unless you return your pass to the front desk. Take a bath, take a walk and tea time at the lakeside. You can enjoy your meal slowly and take a bath again.

There are also plenty of facilities on the theme of relaxation. Aromatherapy, beauty treatment salons, and acupuncture are very popular with women. If you are tired recently, why not relax at this hot spring in nature? [Tatsuya Takano]

Opened in 1997. The spring quality is a simple alkaline hot spring, tasteless, odorless and transparent in color. Effective for neuralgia and chronic gastrointestinal diseases. Open all year round.

There are also various deals such as an aromatherapy esthetic plan.

Business hours From 10:00 am (on Sundays and holidays 9:30 am) to 12:00 am
Bathing fee Adult 1700 yen, Child 1100 yen, Infant 700 yen After 9pm, Adult 1000 yen, Child 700 yen, Infant 400 yen hotel fee 15,000 yen to 35,000 yen per person with 2 meals per night 2,000 yen added on the day before holidays access (Car) 30 minutes the 201 National Highway to Iizuka direction from Fukuoka (car) 7 minutes from the Kyushu Expressway Fukuoka IC (JR) Fukuhoku Yutaka Line sasaguri station get off, about 5 minutes by free shuttle bus every 30 minutes arrival and departure location 1892 Kuhara, Kuyama-cho, Fukuoka Inquiries 092/976/1800

■ Bath memo
Lakeside Hotel Hisayama has 24 baths of 13 types.

There are two types of open-air baths, a “wine bath” with polyphenols and a beautiful skin effect, a “pearl bath” with a beautiful skin effect containing pearl powder, and a “medical bath” with herbal medicines. 6 types of “Ishizuchi Sauna”, “Rock Bath”, “Cave Bath”, and “Utase-seyu”.

The indoor bath is also well-equipped with “Shirayu”, “Bedoyu”, “Vibra Bath”, “Cold water bath” and “Sauna”.

■ Medicinal dishes
One of the popularity of this hotel is medicinal dishes. However, it is a bit different from the one with lots of herbal medicines. The “medicine” in this case is a delicious dish that focuses on seasonal ingredients that are gentle on the body.

The Chinese restaurant “Kouen”, the Japanese cuisine “Yamaka”, and the Italian “Lago di Como” in the hotel can all be called medicinal candy. It is also recommended to get clean from the inside of the body.