Do you know Moji’s grilled curry? / Eat Kyushu
Enjoy the gourmet specialties of Moji Kitakyushu! Its name is baked curry. A dish baked in an oven with curry or cheese on top of rice. Around 1955 (Sho 30), it is said that it was in the menu of a coffee shop in Sakaemachi Gintengai, Moji-ku. Currently, you can enjoy baked curry at more than a dozen local cafes and restaurants. The gourmet specialties that are arranged in different places and have different flavors are intensely appetizing.

Enjoy Teppanyaki Curry Doria at the best location overlooking the harbor.
Grilled curry that has been loved by the locals for a long time. It is a dish that is simply baked in an oven with curry or cheese on top of the rice, but the toppings and seasoning vary depending on the store. It is a popular dish on the menu as usual at coffee shops and restaurants in Moji Ward.

Around 1955, it was said that the menu of the coffee shop in Sakaemachi Gintengai, the same ward, was the beginning. Yasuo Yamada (38), the owner of a well-established Yamadaya (Sakaemachi), who is famous for grilled curry, said, “It was a curry dish that had already been served about 50 years ago. I wonder if such an idea was born. ” From the Meiji to Showa eras, it prospered as a transit port for foreign trade, and it may be said that it is a dish unique to Moji where Western restaurants are lined up.

There are plenty of variations. There are more than 10 shops in the ward where you can enjoy grilled curry, but it has its own arrangement. Some stores use rice with curry powder or butter, others use more than 30 kinds of seafood and spices, and other stores focus on making curry, and store fresh eggs to mellow the taste of curry. There is also.

There is also a movement to sell specialty gourmet food. In Kitakyushu City Mojiko Retro Room, there is a plan to make a map of baked curry for PR. Why do not you enjoy the traditional taste at Moji known for retro architecture? [Koichi Kikukawa]